Our credentials

The Oxford Knee Group are 4 specialist Knee surgeons working in Oxford, with our NHS practice based at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, where we lead the NOC Knee Service. We specialise solely in knee surgery performing as a group around 1500 knee surgeries a year. We see patients from all around the UK and around 20% of our work involves complex referrals from other surgeons, for second opinions. Our group is recognised nationally and internationally as leaders in delivering care and research in knee surgery. The OKG has strong links to the British Association for Surgery of the Knee, European Knee Society and American Knee Society.  Our surgeons are regularly invited to present their research at international meetings.

Patient Involvement in Treatment Decisions

We actively involve patients in decisions about their care and are at the forefront of adopting and developing patient decision making aids for knee surgery.

Patient satisfaction

Our primary aim is to provide the highest-level care for our patients. We have surveyed patients passing through the OKG demonstrating that 95% of patients are satisfied or very satisfied with their treatment.

Joint replacement

We perform approximately 600 knee joint replacements a year.  Our results from the National Joint Register (funnel plots, see below) show a very high level of success for our patients.  As a group we perform more partial knee replacements (Oxford Uni compartmental Knee replacement) than any other centre with very high implant survival rates. We perform as many Total Knee Replacements, again with very good results. Our rate of infection is well below the National average. People are referred to us for joint replacement from all around the UK and abroad. The Oxford knee replacement has excellent longterm outcome data and recent evidence published in the Lancet has shown significant advantages of partial knee replacement surgery compared with more invasive total knee replacement surgery.

ACL reconstruction

We  (Dodd, Jackson, Price, Bottomley) perform approximately 200 anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions a year, with a very high level of patient satisfaction and a low revision rate (approximately 1%/year).

Knee arthroscopy

The OKG performs over 500 knee arthroscopies a year. Over the last year there have been no readmissions.

Improvement of patient care

We are constantly trying to improve our service. We have a research programme focused on improving specialist knee surgery, this includes improving patient information and decision making right through to assessment of long term outcomes following surgical interventions.

National Joint Registry Data

  • View Mr William Jackson’s National Joint Registry data here.
  • View Prof. Andrew Price’s National Join Registry data here.
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