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Your knee problem

There are a number of knee problems that require different treatment strategies. We'll aim to understand how your knee problem affects you, as well as, what course of action best suits your situation.

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What happens to you

We will explore your knee symptoms and try to understand more about how your symptoms affect you, We may organise some investigations to fully understand your knee problem. We will then meet again and discuss with you what options for treatment are available.

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Treatment options

For all knee problems a range of treatment options are available. We will try and help you work out what option for you individually is most appropriate.

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Following your treatment we will organise to see you again in clinic. Follow-up is a vital part of the service we deliver. It allows us to assess the results of treatments you receive and to review treatment strategies to see if further interventions may be appropriate.

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Quality Assurance

We deliver a very high quality service and pride ourselves on patient satisfaction and low surgical complication rates.

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